Did These 12 Men Cover up a UFO?


The Majestic 12, or Operation Majestic 12, was the name for an alleged secretive group of science specialists and government leaders formed during President Harry S. Truman’s America in 1947. The conspiracy theory behind the group is their alleged involvement with UFO’s and the cover up of extraterrestrial information. The most significant evidence provided to support the alleged existence of the Majestic 12 is a collection of “leaked” classified government documents. The documents began to spread through the scientific community in 1984, where further investigation began to take place, and more and more claims and theories were being made. But what did the alleged “secret government documents” contain? Here’s what is known: The document collection consisted of 8 pages of information on a group of men who worked to cover up the Roswell UFO Incident. It is said the committee was authorized by President Truman to recover and utilize the extraterrestrial technology for secretive purposes known only by the government. Theorists relate the location of these experiments and projects back to Area 51 in Nevada. Ufologist Jaime Shandera originally received the documents on a roll of film, and, after development, the contents were discovered. Based on information on the documents, the alleged group of men were:

  • Lloyd Berkner (Physicist and Engineer, University of Minnesota)
  • Donald H. Menzel (Astronomer and Astrophysicist, Princeton)
  • Detlev Bronk (Scientist and Teacher, University of Michigan)
  • Robert M. Montague (US Army Lieutenant General)
  • Vannevar Bush (Engineer and Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Sidney Souers (Rear Admiral, United States Navy)
  • James Forrestal (United States Secretary of Defense)
  • Nathan F. Twining (United States Air Force General)
  • Hoyt Vandenberg (United States Air Force General, Chief of Staff and Director of Central Intelligence)
  • Gordon Gray (Government Official, University of North Carolina and Yale University)
  • Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter (Central Intelligence Group Director, United States Naval Academy)
  • Jerome Clark Hunsaker (Airman, Naval Academy and Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

The documents contain a briefing from Roscoe Hillenkoetter, telling President Dwight Eisenhower of information of alleged spaceship crashes. After the crashes, the documents outline an executive order from President Harry S. Truman to the creation of the Majestic 12 group. The National Archives contain references to authentic documents about a project called “MJ-12 SSP,” which is thought to stand for “Majestic 12 Special Studies Project.” However, the FBI investigated the documents and quickly released them as “completely bogus.” The US Air Force Official of Special Investigation even looked into the documents, but said no such committee ever existed. What does remain a mystery, however, is the identity of the forger(s) and leaker(s) of the documents, a mystery still not yet cracked even by the FBI.

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