24 Country Facts on Moldova


  1. The official language of Moldova is Romanian, however many Moldovans speak Russian and Gagauz as well.
  2. The capital city was destroyed only 78 years ago. In 1940, the capital city of Chisinau was invaded by the Red Army. Later that year in October, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit the city. And then two years later, the Luftwaffe invaded and destroyed what was left of the city
  3. Moldova celebrates National Wine Day on October 3-4.
  4. Moldova is about the size of Maryland, with a total area of 33,843 sq km (13,067 sq mi).
  5. There are 30 monasteries and wood churches in Moldova.
  6. In 1812, Moldova, which was then called Bessarabia, became apart of the Russian Empire.
  7. Moldova won their independence from the USSR in August 1991.
  8. The national currency is the Leu. $1 USD = 19.8 Lei (plural).
  9. Moldova is not apart of the European Union, however, in 2014, the country signed an Association Agreement with the EU.
  10. The government of Moldova is a parliamentary republic. 
  11. Moldova is the 135th largest country in the world by area.
  12. The income for an average Moldovan citizen is $5,657 USD.
  13. The country was named after the Moldova River, a 4,299 sq km (1,600 sq mi) river running in Romania. 
  14. Moldova has won Olympic medals in Boxing, Shooting, Wrestling, Weightlifting, and Canoeing.
  15. About 25% of the population (about 800,000 people) works abroad outside of Moldova.
  16. The most common religion in Moldova is Orthodox, which accounts for 93.34% of the population.
  17. Moldova’s area consists of 360,000 acres of vineyards, and about 253,000 commercial vineyards in the wine industry.
  18. Chișinău International Airport is the only international airport in the country.
  19. Moldova is highly ethnically homogeneous, with 75.1% of the population being native Moldovan.
  20. There are two major rivers in Moldvoa, the Dniester and the Prut Rivers.
  21. Due to it being geographically close to the Black Sea, the climate in Moldova is extremely moderate.  
  22. Moldova is the least visited country in Europe.
  23. The population of Moldova as of the 2017 census was 4,051,212, ranked 134th in the world.
  24. Moldova has a literacy rate of 99.4%. 

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